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Environmental Policy

It is the policy of Burns Construction to minimise their impact on the environment so far as is reasonably practicable.

The Company is committed to complying in full with all applicable EU and national environmental legal requirements, with any regulatory authority guidance available and with international best practice.

It recognises its environmental responsibilities to staff, shareholders, clients and the public. Burns Construction is committed to the continual improvement of its environmental performance through the:

  • implementation of this policy;
  • measurement of environmental performance on an ongoing basis and using this information to regularly review policy, objectives, targets and resource allocation;
  • encouragement of staff to develop methods that promote environmental protection and minimise environmental effects;
  • encouragement of clients and suppliers to pursue environmental best practice and apply environmentally favourable solutions;
  • provision of education and training to employees, to help them include environmental considerations in all aspects of their work; and
  • efficient use of natural resources and minimise, where possible, the use of utilities and production of waste.

Burns Construction is dedicated to pollution prevention through the ongoing identification and control of those significant environmental impacts associated with its activities. These include:

  • solid waste management;
  • effluent discharge;
  • noise; and
  • sustainable use of natural resources.

Burns Construction is aware that these objectives will enhance the economic sustainability of the organisation.

To ensure that the above objectives are met, the senior management are committed to playing an active role in the implementation of the Environmental Policy and undertake to review and revise it in the light of experience and developments.

For the system to be effective it requires the commitment of everyone. Staff is reminded, therefore that compliance to the requirements of the Quality, Safety and Environmental Management System is compulsory.

Download CE - ISO Certificate 2010 PDF

Download Burns Construction OHSAS Cert A1 ED2013 PDF

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